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Large Moose Hunting Canada

What to Expect on Your Hunt

All hunts are one on one with a guide unless special arrangements have been made. We reserve the right to put two hunters with one guide in the event one guide becomes ill, hurt, quits or is let go. A replacement guide will be brought in as soon as possible.

Sheep Camps

Sheep camps have one hunter and one guide, be prepared to spike camp, or overnight on the mountain. These are rugged hunts, and the better shape you are in the better yout hunt will be for you. It will increase success rate, lessen injury, and make it a more enjoyable hunt all around. We will use either horses or backpacking, and you will stay in either wall tents or high quality mountain tents.

Elk Camps

These are one hunter, one guide. We hunt in the rut, so these are bugle hunts, which is very exciting. These camps range anywhere from cabins, to wall tents equipped with wood heaters. We hope the weather is cold and miserable, but we have seen some warm hunting conditions also. The point regulation for elk in our area is 6 point only, which ensures a healthy population of old bulls to hunt yearly.

Moose / Goat camps

These hunts are one guide, one hunter. They have either cabins or wall tents with heaters. We start this hunt right when the bull moose are starting the rut. There is nothing like seeing one of these huge animals coming into some very close range shooting. The billies at this time of year have gotten thier winter capes, which make a beautiful lifesize mount. Be prepared to do some climbing for our goat hunts and sometimes just plain waiting for them to feed in an area in which you can get too. The regulation for moose in our area is Tri-Palm or 10 point. We do not have a regulation on goats but encourage the harvesting of billies only.

Moose / Caribou camps

These hunts are one guide, one hunter. These have either wall tents with heaters or cabins. We conduct this hunt when both the moose and the caribou bulls are in the rut. The caribou have thier full capes with the big white manes, which make for a beautiful mount. We have enjoyed some very good success on this hunt, and this makes an excellent combination hunt as well. The regulation for this hunt is Moose being tri-palm or 10 point, and the caribou being 5 point with a trailer on the main beam.

Moose / Grizzly camps

These hunts are one guide, one hunter, and we will use horses as the means of transportation and we will stay in either cabins or wall tents with heaters. The weather for this hunt can be snow or rain or sometimes we have the indian summer in the fall which is very nice. The grizzly in our area are very large with all the ungulates for them to feed on. We have in the past harvested some of the biggest bears that region 7 has to offer with bear hides squaring 7.5ft to 9ft and skulls scoring 24 B&C to 25 3/4 B&C. We will only harvest boar grizzly bears and we will not let a hunter shoot a lone bear if we feel it is a sow.

Fishing Trips

Fishing trips are run out of our base camp. You will enjoy staying in our spacious 3000 sq. ft. lodge with a spectacular view. From there you will take day trips or overnight trips out to our various fishing spots, by floatplane or horseback. Enjoy fishing for, Lake Trout, Pike, Grayling, Dollys and Rainbow Trout.

These trips can be made to group specifications if required, also hiking and horseback tours can be added, Book early for these fantastic trips! Family groups encourage to enjoy this great area in the summer months.

General Info

Occasionally there will be late starts primarily due to horse problems. Horses are hobbled and turned loose to forage each night; periodically the staff will have problems finding them and getting back to camp in time. This is part of hunting with horses and we try our best to get the horses in on time for a full day of hunting. All our camps will be serviced via airplanes for getting our clients into the camps and the game back out for processing. With this comes some difficulties due to weather, we ask that our clients be patient as we have to sometimes wait the weather out in order to fly safely.

There is a government ban on hunting for 6 hours after being on an aircraft in British Columbia.

There will be no hunting on change over days, as the crew requires the day for personal chores and rest between hunts.

After the client has harvested a trophy, hunting time will be lost, as the guide must flesh the skull and cape of the trophy and care for the meat . Lost hunting time normally is the best part of a day per trophy.