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Government Hunting Regulations and Restrictions:

It is unlawful…

To hunt within 6 hours of being in an aircraft. To hunt game from 1 hour after sunset to 1 hour before sunrise. For non residents to hunt without a guide. For a guide to take more than 2 non resident hunters. To operate an ATV in out land management area, except where permit allows.

The following species must be taken into wildlife branch for inspection and/or permits before being exported out of the province:

Stone Sheep, Caribou, Goat, grizzly

Notice to Hunters:

The hunter must carry his license and tags with him and cut the tags when an animal is harvested.

Before shooting an animal, be sure that it is of legal size or age and that it is the trophy that you want. If an illegal animal is shot is has to be reported, therefore be careful before you squeeze that trigger. Once you have taken a trophy, please do no ask your guide to let you shoot another of the same species, as it is the guides' responsibility to see that our laws are upheld and report any offenses. If you feel that you have made a bad choice and taken the wrong animal, try to be a sport about it as the size of the trophy is not everything. Our clients can shoot only their own animals. No one is permitted to shoot an animal for someone else. We do not shoot any animals for camp meat. Our crew is not allowed any personal liquor. It is all right to offer your guide, cook or wrangler a drink but it is then your responsibility to ensure that the crew is able to perform adequately the next day.

It is up to the hunter to set the pace as your guide can have no idea of what you would call a hard day or an easy day. Let your guide know, and if you would like to take a day off and rest, be sure to say so. It is a good idea not ot over-do-it.

It may be necessary to split moose, elk or caribou horns to fly them out, but if it is a trophy that will make the "Book", we will get them out unsplit.

A lot of my clients ask me about tips. My personal feeling on tipping is "If you feel the personnel have been pleasant, courteous and have done a good job for you, then perhaps they deserve a tip." The amount of the tip is entirely up to you. From past experience, tips to guides have been in the 10% range with cooks and wranglers running from 5%, depending on the time spent with you.

Canada's Gun Laws

How They Apply to Hunting Clients:

As of January 1, 2001 new laws governing the importation of firearms into Canada takes effect. Hunting clients will still be able to bring their rifles with them into Canada, but there is now a form and a fee that has to be dealt with at the point of entry into Canada.

The Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia (GOABC) has prepared a general Q&A sheet to address those questions that are most often asked by hunting clients. To request a copy of this document, "Helpful Information At A Glance for Clients of GOABC Members", please call your Guide Outfitter, or contact GOABC where you will also find a link for the gun registration forms.